As part of our holistic approach to the environment, our outreach (link to outreach page) initiatives and our overall business wellness, VVM has invested an on-premise gym open for all staff members and a full-time wellness coach. Wellness is an integral part of the daily lives of those who walk in and out of doors at VVM. We believe that if we look after the vigour and vision of every individual, we will harness their true moxie – bringing out the determination and drive within everyone.

The VVM staff can meet with the wellness coach to help them establish healthy eating habits, exercise and daily routines. It is an exciting part of our staff’s daily routine to exercise with colleagues and make healthier, choices that focus on the overall wellness of each employee.

As part of our wellness programme, VVM hosts health days that are run by the wellness coach and include food lectures and food preparation in the cantine. The Jungle Cafe located on the ground floor offers VVM employees free WiFi and subsidised food offerings.