Rebotile Mahlatjie is a hard-working, confident call centre consultant at the VVM Eco Park. Rebotile’s first job started in 2016 at VVM Eco Park, and she has been with the company ever since.

 “I was terrified when I started. All I kept thinking was, I just had to make target to achieve!”- Rebotile

After working at VVM for a few months, Rebotile hit the ground running and achieved her targets (a feat. that has not stopped since February 2017!). After several months of saving, she bought her first car.

“I was very happy about my car, but it was a manual, and I was really terrible so I knew I needed to start saving extra hard again so I could buy myself an automatic car!” – Rebotile

After buying her first car, achieving her targets and remaining motivated, Rebotile was able to buy her automatic vehicle this year. Her perseverance is a valuable asset, and we cannot wait to watch her continued successes.

The trick is to work hard and know your purpose. It’s not easy but when you know what your goals are, working towards them becomes a bit easier” – Rebotile.


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