Lungani Mngoma is a vibrant member of the VVM Umhlanga team. He joined the team only a few years ago, and within a few months, he started achieving his KPI’s. Lungani joined the team as a call centre consultant and believed in working hard and going the extra mile to achieve the goals he had in mind.

“Buying a house was my first and biggest goal!”  – Lungani

Early in his career at VVM, Lungani realised that his hard work could translate into something tangible. This realisation led him to start saving towards his first home. This phase of his life consisted of additional shifts, working overtime and keeping his head down to stick to his goal!

I believe in staying positive and working until you achieve every single thing you want. I want to do that became I will do that. This is what motivates me.” – Lungani

Buying his first home is a fantastic achievement and one that we celebrate at VVM. We believe in the continuous pursuit of excellence and Lungani is a perfect example of this dedication.

My team leaders are very motivating so I enjoy coming to work, I am motivated by myself and them always to do better. This is why I have been a top collector for a long time!” – Lungani

Congratulations Lunagni on your hard work and the incredible achievement of buying your home. We are proud of your resilience and dedication.


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