VVM has a history of contribution to our economy, our society and is proud to continually and effectively contribute to transformation. We are proud to achieve our B-BEE Level 1 rating for the second consecutive year. Our approach has always been to add value to every facet of business we encounter. Through our focus on transformation, we can offer invaluable opportunities for previously disadvantaged individuals and small businesses to positively contribute and aid in the economic development of our broader communities. As a result of a dedicated focus on striving for excellence, we continue to grow from strength to strength, embodying the qualities of transformation in every facet of our company. With a Level 1 ranking, we can add more value to our staff, our clients and our community. VVM continues to partake in growth opportunities with our suppliers and staff resulting in long-lasting partnerships,  adding value to all our partners. We continue to embrace new initiatives and opportunities that bolster economic and social transformation within and without VVM and this year we are proud to have achieved 101.25 points and 135% recognition level making us a Level 1 contributor for another year.   ____ Read more about VVM news in our October 2019 newsletter here: https://valuemarksolutions.com/VVM/october-2019-newsletter/ ____ Read more about our inspiration stories here: __ https://valuemarksolutions.com/VVM/vvm-inspiration-story-lungani-mngoma/ ____ https://valuemarksolutions.com/VVM/vvm-inspiration-story-rebotile-mahlatjie/ __ https://valuemarksolutions.com/VVM/vvm-inspiration-story-fhumulani-khalishi/


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