Most mornings at the vibrant Jungle Café, offer the weekly hustle and bustle, a cup of hot coffee from our impressive Barista and coffee machine.

The beautifully designed canteen area is immersed in green walls, colourful animal fixtures all around and shrubbery hanging from the ceilings. The Jungle Cafe is designed for all VVM staff to enjoy their tea/coffee breaks as well as lunch and afternoon breaks.   Stocked with a selection of healthy snacks and foods to choose from as well as cold drinks and hot drinks available (there are “cheat meals available too for those who prefer to indulge during the week).   The Jungle Cafe is a vibrant social hub available to all VVM staff and offers a healthy assortment of snacks and meals to choose from. ____ Follow us on our other social media pages to see the high-energy stemming from our Jungle Cafe. And read more about the Eco Park in our April newsletter here


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