VVM supports various social and environmental causes as part of our commitment to protect planet earth and all its inhabitants. These are some of the projects we have been actively involved in:
  • A Kriel
  • SPCA Vanderbijlpark
  •  Highveld Horse
  • SA Lippizaners
  • Albatross Fund
  • Sea Rescue
  • De Wildt Veterinary
  •  Penguin Santuary
  • SPCA Roodepoort
  • SPCA Germiston
  • Miracle Mission
Our head office, VVM Eco Park, includes a vegetable garden which provides fresh, organic vegetables to our staff and a number of projects for homeless and underprivileged people in our area. Another branch of our social responsibility function is the empowerment of attorneys and other key service providers from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. We provide expertise, mentoring and technology to enable them to handle work they might not otherwise have been able to execute, assisting them to reach the next level in their professional ability.