Every day, every year, every new season is a reset from the last, to do things better and better” – Fernando Alonso   The spring air welcomes a season of renewal, love, hope and new growth. It is the time of year where the promise of beginning again resurfaces aiding us in letting go from the year’s trials and tribulations and immersing ourselves in the journey that leads us to the end of the year. Spring reminds us that we have the opportunity to rebuild and reset our lives to celebrate the sweet vibrations of warmer days and evenings.  As we make our way towards the end of another eventful year, the beautiful months of spring symbolise the prosperity and promise that lies ahead – allowing us to better ourselves, our work and our relationships yet again.  We look forward to the promise of the new season and the next phase of the year with you.    


   VVM has a history of contribution to our economy, our society and is proud to continually and effectively contribute to transformation. We are proud to achieve our B-BEE Level 1 rating for the second consecutive year. Our approach has always been to add value to every facet of business we encounter. Through our focus on transformation, we can offer invaluable opportunities for previously disadvantaged individuals and small businesses to positively contribute and aid in the economic development of our broader communities. As a result of a dedicated focus on striving for excellence, we continue to grow from strength to strength, embodying the qualities of transformation in every facet of our company. With a Level 1 ranking, we can add more value to our staff, our clients and our community. VVM continues to partake in growth opportunities with our suppliers and staff resulting in long-lasting partnerships,  adding value to all our partners. We continue to embrace new initiatives and opportunities that bolster economic and social transformation within and without VVM and this year we are proud to have achieved 101.25 points and 135% recognition level making us a Level 1 contributor for another year.


  VVM is proud to have been awarded the Top Collector at HomeChoice for Quarter One and Two of 2019. We are especially proud of all those who were involved in this achievement as it marks another fantastic milestone. “VVM’s performance is aspirational and their on-going support is appreciated” – HomeChoice Q2 Awards Thank you to HomeChoice – as our long-standing relationship continues to grow we look forward to the journey ahead.  


VVM continues to strive for excellence in each and every  facet of business which is why we are thrilled to have been awarded two top performer awards at the Capitec Bank Conference this year. We are exceptionally proud of the VVM team as it is a great privilege for us not only to receive these awards but to attend this conference this year. We would like to extend our gratitude to the VVM team who made this possible and as well as an extensive thank you to Capitec for this great award. We continue to be a proud business partner of Capitec!    


  With monthly rehearsals with our expert conductor, Niel Rademan, the VVM Choir has grown into a vibrant group, whose voices fill the VVM Eco park with joyful song! Growing with each rehearsal, the choir has created an extensive repertoire, adding classical choices to their setlist. The VVM Choir, who are set to perform this October in their showcase concert, had their first live performance with importance guests in the audience. The Choir’s first performance delighted the audience with a variety of songs, demonstrating the range the group has been working on this year. From Dixie Land to a rendition of Somewhere by West Side  Story, the singers are growing with each rehearsal. We are looking forward to their concert this month to see the realisation of a year’s hard work! Good luck VVM Choir!  


  The wellness of every individual who walks through the VVM doors is the foundation on which we build the wellness of our business. The ability to see is a vital component of wellness and a focus for VVM. This focus is why we conduct bi-annual eye tests at VVM Eco Park. Sieff Optometrists visit VVM for a day to conduct eye tests for all those who wish to partake. Over 121 people at VVM participated, with 64 requiring spectacles. VVM offers our staff the opportunity to buy their glasses – should they need them – with monthly deductions from their salaries.  


  This year the VVM team celebrated Mandela Day by visiting the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, where a team spent their 67 minutes in the oncology unit with the kids. The VVM team put together a food donation for the 65 children in the unit. The afternoon saw the entire company making their way to the grassy area where everyone got into formation and danced and sang – a real celebration of Madiba’s legacy.  


  VVM visited the Children’s ward at The Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital numerous times this year where we spent the day with the children in the Oncology ward. As part of our continued efforts in our work with the oncology department, we spend quality time with the children – playing games, having conversations and offering our time. It is a privilege for VVM to offer assistance and support to the children in the ward during this challenging period of their lives. VVM’s monthly commitment is coupled with delicious – and healthy – treats for the children to uplift their spirits. We want to thank the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital for their hard work, dedication and commitment to caring for the numerous children in their wards.    


  At VVM, we ascribe our operational excellence not only to our long track record of experience and knowledge but to our top achievers who embrace our motto daily. We celebrated out Top, Elite and Diamond achievers in a Sports Day held at the VVM Eco Park. We spent the day playing games in our different teams, enjoying lunch and handing out our awards for our achievers. We are proud of the VVM achievers and continue to celebrate their successes each month! Congratulations top achievers – we are proud of you!


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