Dr. John Demartini is a world renowned specialist in human behaviour, a researcher, author and global educator. The How to bounce back from life’s hard knocks, in November this year was another top performers event.

Dr. Demartini, in his teachings address the core of the issues involving they human factor in situation and how using certain tools in life you can overcome challenges. He has studied over 30000 books across all the defined academic disciplines and has synthesised the wisdom of the ages which he shared on stage.

How to bounce back from life’s hard knocks introduced the concept of opportunity within a challenge and setback, it also showed us that what happens to us is not the most important aspect to focus on but rather how we perceive, decide and act on it, that is what’s important. The conference emphasised that we all have the ability to become a master of our destiny and not a victim of history.


“We have all had situations that have challenged us, knocked us back and threatened to overwhelm us. Not to mention circumstances that have completely engulfed us and clouded the way forward.”

The conference, hosted in Sandton gave us great insight in to how to overcome challenges and how to use tools at our disposal.

Dr. Demartini allowed us to realise some of our hindrances, and made us relook at our own perceptions on events in our lives. He emphasised the ability to take control of these situations and to self-reflect on how we perceive the challenges that have come into our journey.


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