Winter is fast approaching in most parts of the country. We know how chilly it gets in Johannesburg in the winter time, so this past month the VVM team dropped off 250 blankets at the SPCA.

The change of season brings about more dire conditions for animals in shelters and on the streets. VVM is committed to providing support and donations to the animals to keep as many as possible warm this winter. Our donation of 250 blankets to the SPCA will aid in keeping the 250 dogs a little warmer during their time there. The animals in shelters and welfares are in stressful situations and require support and external interventions, which is why we are proud to assist the animals. We are focused on creating a better life for the animals who are in these situations and if you would like to get involved this winter, contact your local welfare or shelter to find out how you can aid the animals.
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