Vincent Boshomane is one of six children from Limpopo and started his career at VVM on a learnership program in September 2014, the year after he matriculated. Vincent completed the learnership and was offered a full-time position at VVM as a call centre consultant.   The first month of his official position, Vincent did not achieve his KPI for the month but after the second month, he began achieving his KPI’s each month. “After I achieved it the first time, it motivates me. I liked the incentive, and now I continue to make sure I reach my targets each month.”   Vincent created a stop order each month that saved almost half his earnings which increased significantly each time he got a salary increase. Vincent believes that once you know what you want from life, it is easier to make goals and work towards it.  

“I have two children and work hard to look after my family. I am described as playful by my peers and a hard worker by my team leader. VVM is my home, and I aim to work even harder, using all the lessons I’ve learnt as opportunities to keep succeeding”

  Vincent through his savings and hard work bought his first car last year, but this has only motivated him to work harder and continue to save for his future. He is motivated to achieve his new 2019 goals.   ____ Watch our VVM Choir perform, “Our God is an awesome God” below. ____


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