We are proud to announce that VVM has achieved its B-BBEE (Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment) Level 1 rating on May 23, 2018! VVM has a history of contribution to our economy, our society and is proud to effectively contribute to transformation. The goal for VVM was to always to add value in every facet of our dealings. VVM is in a position where we can provide opportunities for previously disadvantaged individuals, smaller businesses and aid in the economic development of our greater communities. Farhana Khan, The VVM Chief Operating Officer believes it is history in the making.
“Reaching Level 1 B-BBEE is just fantastic because it shows that we have lived by our motto to always be better than the rest and to be better than the best. Reaching this level shows how we continue to move from strength to strength and continue to strive for excellence in everything we do” – Farhana Khan
Tabetha Van Der Walt, the VVM Chief Financial Officer, emphasised the attitude of openness that EXCO [executive committee] had to new ideas and initiatives.
“Under the previous B-BBEE codes, we maintained a Level 3 rating, and continued to have this rating as the new codes came into practice. It is phenomenal to see all the change and growth that has happened with this initiative. It is a massive achievement because we have committed full heartedly, we have invested ourselves in this process and it gives us the ability to add more value to our current staff in our own environment!” – Tabetha Van Der Walt
VVM has been able to make long-lasting partnerships and partaking in substantial growth opportunities with our suppliers and our internal staff. This achievement shows our continued commitment to empowering our employees and our valued partners.
 “VVM comes from a history of discrimination against woman. VVM operated for many years in a male-dominated environment putting us in the special position of understanding many of the hurdles that previously disadvantaged people and in particular woman have to overcome. Currently 95 percent of our staff are previously disadvantaged and 60 percent of management are woman. – Karin Van De Venter, VVM Managing Director.
We are proud to have achieved a 135% recognition level and have achieved 100,98 points, making us a proud Level 1 contributor.


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