In January this year over 3000 baby flamingos were rescued at the Kamfers Dam outside Kimberley. Kamfers dam is a crucial breeding ground for the lesser flamingo species in Southern Africa but due to the little rain, a severe drought and failing sewage infrastructure in the area, the birthing season has turned into a desperate rescue mission. Many of the chicks on the dam’s purpose-built island were abandoned by their parents, prompting residents and rescue organisations to intervene to save them from dehydration and starvation. This crisis has drawn national attention to the lack of infrastructure that needs to sustain the large flamingo population and as conservationists continue to monitor the chicks there is an urgent call for donations and volunteers to assist. VVM is proud to have contributed 200 packets of Nestle food to feed the chicks. For more information on how to donate, please contact us on our social media pages or email ____ Watch the 2019 VVM Choir perform, “Dixie Land” and “Our God is an Awesome God” in rehearsals here ____ Subscribe to the VVM newsletter by following this link & sending us a message. ____ Read more about our wellness program & our in-house gym available to all our employees here


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