When VVM moved into 332 Kent Ave, Randburg, the vision was to create an entirely eco friendly, sustainable office complex. The grounds were soon dubbed VVM Eco Park, and for good reason. The future will either be green or not at all! We are proud to endorse this concept by reducing, reusing and recycling in order to minimize our carbon footprint.
Understanding the impact of electricity on our environment, we invested in solar panels to power our entrance and exit gates. The building uses LED lighting, significantly reducing the power usage. Inverted air conditioning units with a three stage compression reduce the electricity needed to run the system. Our waste management system has been a great success. A full-time maintenance and support team separates waste into plastic, non recyclable and recyclable waste bins on the premises, and see to it that it is delivered to the correct locations every two weeks. The system also helps our community to recycle correctly.  

The earth is what we all have in common – Wendell Berry