I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. – Edward Everett Hale

Entering the festive season brings about a time of reflection, introspection and celebration for another year filled with both challenges and successes. We celebrate the people of VVM. We believe in nurturing their unwavering commitment to achieving excellence. Our staff remains the heartbeat of VVM. During 2019 VVM was focussed on using innovative technology and solutions, offering our clients continued value. With the ever-changing business climates in South Africa, VVM remains focused on continual improvement; practising our “We Care” strategy to establish first-time query resolution to provide a superior service to our clients and customers alike. 2020 will be a special year for VVM as we will be celebrating 30 years of VVM’s existence. Over the years the company has grown and specialized but at the core, our values remain the same. We want to thank our clients for their continued support and belief in our people and our company. We wish you great year-end, filled with relaxation to prepare for a prosperous new decade. We look forward to continuing a journey of light and laughter with you in 2020.



After months of dedication, hard work and long hours of practice, the VVM Choir performed for over a hundred people at the latest VVM music event. Accompanied by esteemed artists, the group gave an outstanding performance. Led by conductor Niel Rademan, The VVM choir made their debut alongside revered artists such as Amanda Osorio, Rike on the Saxophone, and Elna Van Der Merwe on the piano. It was an excellent evening displaying the talent within VVM and highlighting the commitment from the choir through the months of rehearsals in preparation for the magnificent performance. We look forward to many more performances of the VVM choir at events and competitions during 2020 and will keep all updated.    


The VVM team is made of everyday superheroes and on Superhero day, they simply dressed the part! Well Done to everyone at VVM for the creative twists you put into your great outfits. What a fun day it was!  


The sea floods the deepest corners of my childhood memories The glaciers are melting like what used to be my faith in humanity I was only a child I was hopeful Now I’m facing the real world problem that we are destroying it Taking every moment of water, sun, grass and animals for granted Gathering information to tell my grandchildren wait, my children but not myself so I never forget my longing of you and your sweet strong smile in my life What you have let me do and helped me, love losing a friend, someone who was my childhood sweetheart but the moments of our lives contaminated by harsh chemicals of society until you’re just a thought of pure anxiety Now the mention of the deep blue or high trees make me nostalgic of who you used to be You’ve walked with me, held my hand, taught me to love what was my home, now a broken land I’ve seen you grow old and your glow is fading you looked damaged You’re not who you used to be and you think that you’re the one failing People have taken advantage of your sweet nature, and I now know I did too Your smile burnt by fires and you won’t cry for yourself as you save the water for us to waste and contaminate The hope and believe in your recovery needs to be activated and not hated Cause your struggles though so clear need to be translated Countless generations won’t see who you once were but only hear about who you could be You’re not only fading you’re dying The world and people need to stop denying that you’re fine Need to stop the thought that we have enough time

By Tamlin Klement

  MORE ABOUT TAMLIN KLEMENT! Tamlin Klement is 15 years old and headed to Grade 10 in 2020. She has invested interested in the medical field and hopes to study sports science after school. Her favourite subjects currently are both History and Science. With a deep love for nature, she gravitates towards the ocean, making her favourite colour an obvious choice with it being turquoise. Nostalgic was written as part of a school project, based on climate change. In writing the poem, she drew inspiration from the role the environment and nature have played in her life, and it influenced and affected her childhood memories. She believes that it shaped large parts of her experiences and ultimately, shaped who she is today.

“Nature has given me opportunities and experiences that I would like further generations to have, but they might not if we don’t make a change in the way we treat our earth”



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