This year VVM partook in Global Wellness Day along with more than 100 other countries. As per Global Wellness Day, main aims of the organisation are: to make peace with ourselves, to be free from the stress of everyday life and bad habits, to recognise the value of our lives and to raise awareness about healthy living.

The first global wellness day at VVM was a full day of health, including health tests of body weight measurements, blood pressure and cholesterol. There were lectures on health benefits and modalities to improve the general state of well-being which was given by the VVM health and wellness coach.

At the tea break, each floor had arranged the table with diet or nutritional tips, with trays of oranges, blueberries, strawberries, mint and basil leaves.

During lunch, nutritional tips were shared, including the power of a banana power protein smoothie that increases vitality and memory, with a touch of flavour coming from the addition of Maca and Cardamom. Shoots of beetroot juice with carrot and grapefruit were offered to anyone with low iron levels.

The team at canteen prepared meals of the day based on healthy living concepts, by making use of whole wheat flour instead of white flour in all pastries, pasta and bread.

Lean meats with brown rice and salads were served with assortments of fruit kebabs, and crisp oatmeal squares served as dessert. The day had an overwhelming response from all who intended, and we look forward to hosting more wellness days in 2019.


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