“The only constant is change.” – Heraclitus

As we journey into the next quarter of the year and enjoy the turning of the seasons, the Autumn air welcomes a time of introspection.

Autumn reminds us that we are always developing, illuminating the importance of living in the moment and embracing the impermanence of life. Ancient cultures, astrology and sciences have associated many aspects of this season to human life.

It demonstrates the influence nature has on our lives and how the change of season can reflect a new chapter in the year.

These beautiful months of the year symbolise the changing nature of life and that through all the changes we experience – in the environment and life – we must always improve on the version we were in the previous season.

We look forward to the turning season presented to us while continuing to accept the unknowns of life and embrace our capacity to live life to the fullest. We wish you an incredible journey in this phase of the year.



VVM was awarded the RCS Groups, “Top performer for recoveries for 2018” at an awards ceremony in February. We are exceptionally proud of this recognition and award from The RCS Group.

We are especially proud of all those who were involved in this achievement as it marks another fantastic milestone.

Heading into the second quarter of 2019 with this achievement and more, we are confident that we will continue this year in the VVM fashion – the constant pursuit of excellence.


The VVM Choir – since its inception in January this year – have enjoyed a vibrant few rehearsals where they learnt and performed new material.

 The choir who is vigorously preparing for the annual Christmas in July event have added to their set list with the addition of, “Our God Is An Awesome God”, and “Dixie Land”.

Led by the incomparable Niel Rademan, the group continue rounding their sound, and in no time at all, they have evolved into a formidable choir.

We cannot wait for their repertoire to be complete and for their performance at this years Christmas in July event at the VVM Eco Park.





Winter is fast approaching in most parts of the country. We know how chilly it gets in Johannesburg in the winter time, so this past month the VVM team dropped off 250 blankets at the SPCA.

The change of season brings about more dire conditions for animals in shelters and on the streets. VVM is committed to providing support and donations to the animals to keep as many as possible warm this winter.

Our donation of 250 blankets to the SPCA will aid in keeping the 250 dogs a little warmer during their time there. The animals in shelters and welfares are in stressful situations and require support and external interventions, which is why we are proud to assist the animals.

We are focused on creating a better life for the animals who are in these situations and if you would like to get involved this winter, contact your local welfare or shelter to find out how you can aid the animals.



Most mornings at the vibrant Jungle Café, offer the weekly hustle and bustle, a cup of hot coffee from our impressive Barista and coffee machine.

The beautifully designed canteen area is immersed in green walls, colourful animal fixtures all around and shrubbery hanging from the ceilings. The Jungle Cafe is designed for all VVM staff to enjoy their tea/coffee breaks as well as lunch and afternoon breaks.

Stocked with a selection of healthy snacks and foods to choose from as well as cold drinks and hot drinks available (there are “cheat meals available too for those who prefer to indulge during the week).

The Jungle Cafe is a vibrant social hub available to all VVM staff and offers a healthy assortment of snacks and meals to choose from.

Follow us on our other social media pages to see the high-energy stemming from our Jungle Cafe.



VVM was able to visit the Children’s ward at The Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital this past month to spend the day with the children.

It was a privilege to spend a day with the children in the ward – something VVM has committed to do monthly – engaging in games, karate moves and conversations.

It was an enjoyable experience for VVM to be at there and offer assistance and support to the children in the ward during this challenging period of their lives. VVM’s monthly commitment is coupled with delicious – and healthy – treats for the children to uplift their spirits.

We look forward to next months visit and thank all those at Chris Hani Baragwanath for their hard work, dedication and commitment they continually show for the children in their care and of course, for making this visit possible!



This month we celebrated our top achievers in our Umhlanga offices in a fantastic awards ceremony, which VVM CEO, Karin Van De Venter and the VVM CRO, Lior Woznica attended.

At VVM, we ascribe our operation excellence not only to our long track record of experience and knowledge but to our top achievers who embrace our motto daily. Congratulations to our VVM KZN Top achievers – we are proud of you!

After celebrating International Women’s Day in March, we couldn’t help but notice that at our Top Achievers award ceremony in Umhlanga, all our reward recipients were women!




Rebotile Mahlatjie is a hard-working, confident call centre consultant at the VVM Eco Park. Rebotile’s first job started in 2016 at VVM Eco Park, and she has been with the company ever since.

 “I was terrified when I started. All I kept thinking was, I just had to make target to achieve!”- Rebotile

After working at VVM for a few months, Rebotile hit the ground running and achieved her targets (a feat. that has not stopped since February 2017!). After several months of saving, she bought her first car.

“I was very happy about my car, but it was a manual, and I was really terrible so I knew I needed to start saving extra hard again so I could buy myself an automatic car!” Rebotile

After buying her first car, achieving her targets and remaining motivated, Rebotile was able to buy her automatic vehicle this year. Her perseverance is a valuable asset, and we cannot wait to watch her continued successes.

The trick is to work hard and know your purpose. It’s not easy but when you know what your goals are, working towards them becomes a bit easier” – Rebotile.


Lungani Mngoma is a vibrant member of the VVM Umhlanga team. He joined the team only a few years ago, and within a few months, he started achieving his KPI’s. Lungani joined the team as a call centre consultant and believed in working hard and going the extra mile to achieve the goals he had in mind.

“Buying a house was my first and biggest goal!”  – Lungani

Early in his career at VVM, Lungani realised that his hard work could translate into something tangible. This realisation led him to start saving towards his first home. This phase of his life consisted of additional shifts, working overtime and keeping his head down to stick to his goal!

I believe in staying positive and working until you achieve every single thing you want. I want to do that became I will do that. This is what motivates me.” Lungani

Buying his first home is a fantastic achievement and one that we celebrate at VVM. We believe in the continuous pursuit of excellence and Lungani is a perfect example of this dedication.

My team leaders are very motivating so I enjoy coming to work, I am motivated by myself and them always to do better. This is why I have been a top collector for a long time!” – Lungani

Congratulations Lunagni on your hard work and the incredible achievement of buying your home. We are proud of your resilience and dedication.



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