29 year track record

For 29 years, our company has stayed pioneering and innovative in our approach when it comes to the services we offer and the methods of these services. We offer our clients a fully integrated solution to credit management services. As times change, and technology evolves we continue to incorporate data, analytics artificial intelligence and machine learning into our core business model. We believe in adapting with the times which enables us to be at the forefront of our industry.


‘Being the Southern African leader in Credit Management and BPO’

VVM aspires to be the leading organisation in receivables management and outsourcing in Southern Africa. Our vision for growth includes VVM being the most technologically advanced and data driven service provider to the credit industry, focusing on delivering superior results for our clients, within the guidelines of our core values, which include:

  • High ethical standards.
  • Strict corporate governance.
  • Treating staff and management fairly.
  • Being environmentally responsible.
  • Dealing with debtors in a caring and responsible manner.

Mission statement   

‘Pioneering and passionate in our ways and approach’

We believe that each of our clients have their own unique challenges when it comes to credit management and debt collection, our competitors tend to use mainstream and standard practices to support clients, VVM prides itself on assessing the needs of its clients individually, whilst developing a unique service offering as part of a sustainable solution.

Our solutions include credit management & project management expertise, dedicated customer service and query resolution personnel. Highly skilled and trained staff to support stringent service level agreements, allowing us to measure service levels efficiently and deliver on our clients’ strategic business objectives. Our methodologies are flexible and customisable, thus ensuring alignment with our clients.

Value system 

Core to our value system is VVM’s ‘We care’ strategy.

The ‘We care’ strategy (‘WCS’) is a methodology that VVM has adopted when dealing with its various stakeholders. At the heart of WCS is VVM’s intention to transform into an organization that is considerate and approachable.

For VVM to subscribe to the above values, certain fundamentals must be in place throughout the organization:

  •  Improved service delivery (heightened operational efficiencies)
  • Communications with clients and debtors must be more fluid, in other words, it should be easier to transact with VVM, be it resolving queries, making payments, concluding arrangements, accessing information about your account.
  • Being accessible to debtors to make more affordable and sustainable arrangements.
  • Adopted best practices in terms of processes.
  • Utilizing best of breed technology.
  • Adopting a reputation for being leaders in the industry through excellent performance, leading to growth and improved brand value for VVM.
  • Stabilising staff morale and developing a highly committed and motivated workforce.

VVM continues to develop its brand in a sustainable and ethical manner within a framework of sound corporate governance.


VVM subscribes to the highest standard of ethics and good corporate governance. Quality assurance, supported by training and regular management reviews, assists with the fulfilment of our desire to be a holistically compliant organisation. From a staff development perspective, leadership programmes are in place in improving the level of skills and qualifications of VVM staff members. Regular internal and external audits, facilitate the development of a sound and efficient structure to support business activities within VVM. With improvements in systems and technology, our executive management and staff are able to continuously raise the standard of monitoring, transparency and ultimately compliance.

From an industry perspective

VVM and its staff members are registered with the following organisations:

  • Council for Debt Collectors ( Registration number: 0013148/05 )
  • The Association of Debt Recovery Agents ( ADRA )
  • The South African Institute of Chartered Accountant ( SAICA )
  • Services Seta

VVM has staff members who are registered with the following organisations:

  • The Law Society of the Northern Province
  • The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants