About VVM

We have been in business since 1990. From day one, we have been pioneering and innovative in the services we offer and the methods we use. As times change and technology evolves, we have incorporated data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning into our core business model. Our agility keeps us at the forefront of our industry, offering clients a fully integrated solution to credit management.


VVM aspires to be the leading organisation in receivables management and outsourcing in Southern Africa. We aim to be the most technologically advanced, data driven service provider to the credit industry, delivering superior results for our clients.

    Mission statement   

    ‘Pioneering and passionate’

    We believe that each of our clients have unique challenges regarding credit management and debt collection. Our competitors tend to use standardised, mainstream practices, while we pride ourselves on assessing client needs individually, developing a tailor made and sustainable service offering in each case.

    We offer specialised skill in credit management, project management and query resolution. Highly skilled and trained staff support stringent service level agreements, with constant emphasis on dedicated customer service.


    Everything we do is driven by our values:

    • Uncompromising ethical standards
    • Strict corporate governance
    • Environmental responsibility
    • Dealing with debtors according to our ‘We care’ strategy: considerate, approachable and responsible

    VVM continues to develop its brand in a sustainable and ethical manner within a framework of sound corporate governance.



    We subscribe to the highest standard of ethics and corporate governance. Quality assurance protocols, regular management reviews and internal and external audits support this vision. Ongoing training and leadership programmes constantly improve the skills and qualifications of our staff members. We aim to continuously raise the standard of monitoring, transparency and compliance.

    As part of the industry

    VVM and our staff are registered with:

    • The Council for Debt Collectors (Registration number: 0013148/05)
    • The Association of Debt Recovery Agents (ADRA)
    • The Services SETA

    Some of our staff members are registered with:

    • The Law Society of the Northern Provinces
    • The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA)