January saw the audition and rehearsal of the first ever VVM Choir. Choir hopefuls needed to prepare two songs that best showcase their talent and over a two-day period, VVM is now proud to introduce its talented 42 person choir. Following the two-day rehearsal conducted by Niel Rademan – the highly acclaimed South African singer of cabaret, folksong, lied and operatic music – the choir began their three-day rehearsals.   Beginning with singing-introductions, the group sat in their new singing groups – tenors, soprano’s, alto’s and baritones – where they began the rehearsal of their first song in their set. The choir performed their version of Glory, Glory Hallelujah which will form part of their repertoire that they will perform at future concerts; such as the annual Christmas in July event this year. ____ Subscribe to the VVM newsletter by following this linksending us a message. ____ Read more about our wellness program & our in-house gym available to all our employees here  


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