Our Services

VVM has operated across many industries, platforms, mandates and service level agreements over the past 29 years. We have learnt to adapt and engage with clients to achieve high levels of success.

Our client base is diverse and extends across many industries; our 29 year track record across our diversified client base has allowed VVM to refine processes and procedures so as to achieve solid revenue collections for clients. Our solutions are aligned with the needs of clients, we, therefore, look to balance cost, quality of service and return on investment. Given our dynamic operating environment and proprietary methodologies, we can structure flexible pricing models to accommodate the needs of our clients. All projects are managed by highly skilled managers and follow mutually agreed project plans and timelines.

Recovery Strategies


VVM has a proprietary campaign management platform that allows us to structure recovery strategies that achieve optimal yields for clients. Our competitive advantage is achieved by incorporating proprietary algorithms and business intelligence into our collection practices, gathered over many years of intensive research and development.

Our approach to working with businesses and consumers is to consider the best method of contact and then offering affordable repayment plans, ultimately balancing the interests of our clients and debtors.

Significant investments in staff training and ongoing quality assurance methodologies, are an important contribution to our service offering.

We are digitally enabled, thus offering all stakeholders efficient and cost effective service channels.

Through the use of leading technologies, specifically, artificial intelligence and machine learning, we are able to engage with debtors quickly and in the most effective manner. Ultimately, we are a data driven organisation, using insights to improve our approach and practices

As an organisation we align with our clients by adhering to strict key performance indicators, service level agreements and targets.

VVM continues to build and improve on core processes so as to build its brand in the credit and outsource industry.