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 VVM utilizes the "BEST of BREED" technology in its infrastructure. 
Avaya Predictive Dialer: VVM  is one of the Largest Avaya Predictive Dialler site in South Africa with over 400 dialler seats and over 1 000 Call Centre Seats.

Dell: VVM uses Dell for all its Server and Network requirements.

In-House Developed Applications :

QA4 - ALL-Asterisk Call Centre Application with 100% Compliant Recording
C4 - Your collections and CRM needs
CM4 - Your Campaign management needs
CIS4 - Your Customer Information System needs
AM4 - Your Email and Fax Routing needs

Our technology :

- Dedicated IPLC Line
- Automated Voice Message
- Multi-channel customer support
- Bulk SMS/MMS/Email/Fax
- Inbound/Outbound Call Support
- Predictive Preview and Manual Dialler